All you need to know about how to wear vintage

From elegant lace gowns and pleated dresses to those denim jackets from the 80s, if you think vintage clothing is restricted only to special occasions when you are wrong. You can easily make your vintage outfits a part of your everyday wardrobe and use them to define your everyday style. Wearing vintage every day of the week is easier if you know the right way to do them. Here are a few tips that will help you include your vintage sundresses, maxis, and cardigans in your regular closet and make dressing for work, dates, and meetings easier than ever:

Your body type and style: When it comes to vintage clothing forget all rules and just remember that you need something that suits your unique body type and style. Experiment with colors and patterns and be bold with mixing and matching but make sure you know your body type and make combinations depending on that. Take your time to define your style and buy clothes that work best with it.


Know the different eras: Get familiar with the different fashion eras and their characteristics. When you have mastered this, you can accurately combine vintage pieces and avoid buying ill-assorted pairs and looking like a complete mismatch. This doesn’t mean that you cannot mix and match items from different eras. Wearing dresses and accessories from the same era makes more sense because this ensures that you always have something for your rescue in all unplanned and sudden plans.

Find an inspiration: Find a fashion figure from any era that inspires you and follows their style statements. You will get a myriad of valuable styling inspirations from the legend that will play a great role in shaping your style over the years.

Improve your collection: Indulge in some DIY activities and improve your vintage clothes with your creative and innovative ideas. Whether you want to turn a baggy dress into a fitted outfit, make a plain shirt look more interesting or add some beautiful new buttons to a vintage dress you can do all this and more on your own.

Wear it boldly and with a smile: Give your outfit a perfect finish with the best accessories- confidence, style, and smile. Wear your vintage outfit with confidence and with a smile and nothing in the world can beat your sassiness.

If you want to invest in the vintage clothing, you must also think of using some small accessories that shall do well with these dresses. The online vintage clothing shop that you order your dresses can suggest some useful accessories like scarves, hats, handbags or belts that go with each dress. The online vintage clothing store can suggest a good jewelry store where you can buy a piece of jewelry that will accentuate the ethnicity of the dress. Never think of overdoing the accessories as fewer looks more. If you put on all the accessories, you will not find the best look in the mirror.


Buy the clothes you need after browsing different online vintage clothing stores, so you know which store has got the thing that you would love. The clothes should also fit you perfectly and remember it is never to be paraded as a costume. There are many ideas that you can get from the catalogs of these online vintage clothing stores, but you must understand that all the styles will not suit you. You must take the theme of the party and arrange some styles that will match the theme. You can mix the dress with some modern styles but never dress all over in vintage clothing.


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